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  一、用to do sth表目的


  After missing a term through illness he had to work hard to catch up with the others. 他因病一学期未上课,得努力赶上其他同学。

  To avoid any delay please phone your order direct. 为免延误,请直接打电话预订。

  To keep themselves awake they sat on the floor and told each other stories. 为了不至于睡着,他们坐在地板上轮流着讲故事。

  To avoid back problems, always bend your knees when you lift heavy objects. 为了不使背部受伤,你在扛重东西时,一定要将膝盖弯曲着。

  不定式的否定式为not to do sth,而不是 to not do sth。如:

  She had to struggle not to give in to a desire to laugh. 她极力控制自己不要笑出来。

  Then there was the mad rush not to be late for school. 然后就是匆忙往学校赶,以免迟到。

  I went to   France   not to study French, but to study architecture. 我去法国不是为了学法语,而是为了学建筑。

  He claimed he had bought the cigarettes for home consumption, not to sell them. 他声称他买烟是为了自家享用,不是为了出售。

  二、用so as to do sth表目的

  so as to do sth是to do sth的变体,意思是“以便”“为了”“为的是”等。用so as to do sth表示目的时,它通常用于句末。如:

  I left a message so as to be sure of contacting her. 我留下了张条子以便与她取得联系The two lovers dropped back so as to be alone. 那对情人落在后面,为的是两人好单独在一起。

  I always keep fruit in the fridge so as to keep insects off it. 我总是把水果放在冰箱里,以防虫子叮咬。

  表示目的的so as to do sth有时也可放在句首(但是若so as to do sth是表示结果,则不可放在句首)。如:

  So as to show his boss what a careful worker he was, he took extra trouble over the figures. 为了向老板显示他是个工作非常细心的人,他在这些数字上费了比平常更多的力气。

  so as to do sth的否定式是so as not to do sth,意思是“为了不……”“以免”。如:

  They tiptoed upstairs so as not to wake the baby. 他们踮着脚上楼,以免吵醒孩子。

  We left in the daytime so as not to arouse suspicion. 我们在白天离开以免引起怀疑。

  I shut the door quietly, so as not to wake the baby. 为了不惊醒宝宝,我轻轻地关上门。


  三、用in order to do sth表目的

  in order to do sth也是to do sth的变体。用in order to do sth表示目的时,它既可以用于句末,也可用于句首,但比较而言,用于句首时,其强调意味较浓。如:

  She lied about her age in order to get the job. 她为了谋得那份工作隐瞒了年龄。

  She arrived early in order to get a good seat. 她到得很早,图的是得个好座位。

  Teamwork is required in order to achieve these aims. 完成这些目标需要团队合作。

  In order to get the job you must be able to drive. 要做这项工作你得会开车。

  In order to get into a good school, I must study even harder. 为了考入一个好的学校,我必须更加用功。

  in order to do sth的否定式是in order not to do sth,意思是“为了不……”“以免”。如:

  She slept in a separate room in order not to disturb him. 她在另一房间睡觉,为了不至打扰他。

  Please reply at once in order not to lose this opportunity of a lower price. 请立即回复,以免失去这次低价的机会。

  They must have worn gloves in order not to leave any fingerprints. 他们一定戴上了手套,以防留下指纹。

  注意,in order to do sth 还有另外一个否定形式,那就是 not in order to do sth,其意为“不是为了……”。如:

  Big farmers are moving in, not in order to farm, but in order to speculate with rising land prices. 大农场主正在不断涌进来,不是为了耕作,而是要利用不断上涨的地价进行投机。

  This expression refers to encounters between ships of hostile nations. One ship might fire a shot at another, not in order to hit it, but to warn it to move. 这个表达源于敌对国船只在海上相遇时,一方可能向另一方鸣炮,不是为了击中目标,而是警告其快速离开。




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